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Where Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching meets the Science and Tools of Positive Psychology


Why Add Positive Psychology to Coaching?

What matters to me as a person and as a coach? Why did I become interested in Positive Psychology? That’s an easy question to answer. As Christopher Peterson, a positive psychology pioneer, summed up in his definition of Positive Psychology, OTHER PEOPLE MATTER.

I became an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach (National Board Certified), and more recently, a Positive Psychology Practitioner, because I believe my life experiences and values could help others overcome roadblocks to their goals as I did. But everyone needs and deserves to find their own best route to success. What do each of those disciplines bring to the table?

My Integrative Health Coaching is client centered, holistic, and uses the Duke Wheel of Health concept as a base for change. I partner with you through assessing your needs, and helping you draw up a plan for your best life, providing support and accountability along the path.

Positive Psychology is the science-based body of evidence of how we can raise our level of happiness and success via proven interventions and strategies. Psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar once characterized a “happy person as someone enjoying positive emotions while perceiving his or her life as purposeful” ...living in the moment with a purposeful eye toward the future. Positive Psychology is about how humans can flourish, and coaching can help you get to that purposeful, well-designed future. I believe the marriage of coaching and applied positive psychology is an ideal way to reach your best self.

How do I use them?

Classic Integrative health coaching uses assessment tools for each client to self-evaluate multiple realms in their life as to their satisfaction with them or desire to improve them.

As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, I additionally ask clients to do self-assessment tools which help them recognize, emphasize and use what is already good in their lives to assist the success of desired changes.