As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Duke trained Certified Integrative Health Coach,  Kathy enjoys living out her life’s passion by helping others reach their potential and goals. Her personal background and health journey make her exceptionally well-positioned to guide others as they go through big life transitions or start their journey toward improved health and a better life.

In 2002, Kathy was diagnosed with a chronic, unpredictable, and often disabling disease. The diagnosis caused her to “sit up” and “take notice” of exactly where she was in her health and life journey. Since she was already in poor physical shape, she began thinking about how her life would be if she became disabled. Though she had no real PLAN, she set out to improve her overall health through changes in her diet and activity level. She
succeeded in losing weight, but it wasn’t until she was challenged to participate in a 50-mile charity walk that her life really changed. During the six months prior to the walk she logged over 500 miles on foot and as a result was able to walk 47 of the 50 miles that first year. She felt so EMPOWERED!

All in all, she has lost over 100 pounds and has completed fourteen 50-mile charity walks. This journey wasn’t easy, but she found it was essential to have friends and professionals hold her accountable, as well as to be working toward definite goals. This is how health coaching works!

What matters to me as a person and as a coach? Why did I become interested in Positive Psychology? That’s an easy question to answer. As Christopher Peterson, a positive psychology pioneer, summed up in his definition of Positive Psychology, OTHER PEOPLE MATTER. I believe the marriage of coaching and applied positive psychology is an ideal way to reach your best self.”
— Katherine Mackintosh

My Approach

Judgement free zone

There is a difference between being judged and being accepted but held accountable. My job is to help you see the why and the way to success. I do this through a lens of experience, struggling with health and life decisions myself.


A tremendous number of outcomes, good or bad, in our everyday lives come from our mindset. Learning to recognize your thought patterns  and replacing them when beneficial is crucial to change.

Deciding to Change because YOU want to

Doing things because you want to, not because you should is an essential part of lasting change. Motivation from within is essential. If it’s not there, as you coach, I can help. I can help you go from Wanting to want to do it, to actually Wanting to Do it.

Helping you Develop the self-compassion to succeed

We often sabotage our own success by being critical of ourselves for procrastinating or failing. Learning to effectively deal with that inner critical voice can actually be fun, and is essential to lasting change.